4th Of July Book Tag

To kick off the festivities I decided to complete a book tag for the 4th of July. Down below you will find the original creator of this book tag and the link to their video. All right let’s get started:

  • Show three books you have already read, one red, one white and one blue:
  • A book with your favorite “rag-tag” band of revolutionaries: This sequel to Rebel of the sands includes a group of rebellious citizens that are on a mission to take the throne from the Sultan and amongst their ranks are Demdji, humans, princes’, princesses and wayward sons.

traitor to the throne

  • Show a book that takes place in one of the original 13 colonies: City of Bones takes place in New York which was one of the 13 colonies.

city of bones

  • Show a book that takes place in England: I read a lot of fantasy novels that take place in mystical worlds but there are a few urban fantasy novels that came to mind. One of them is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare as well as the entire Infernal Devices series.


  • Time for Fireworks! What books would you say ends with a bang: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. It literally ends with a bang. A bang that rocked my heart and seeped into my soul. I was saddened by this devastating boom, but still love this series to this day.


  • Show three books you would like to read, one red, one white and one blue:

A simple but festive tag that makes me celebrate the fourth of July along with my love for books! 🙂

Original creator: Talking Leaves

If you would like to see the original creation here is the link to her site: 4th of July Book tag

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